Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone is located just at the waterfront of the Huangpu River in Pudong New Area. Total area of this Zone is 28 square kilometers with 6.8 square kilometers planned for development. More than 100 skyscrapers have been built in the area.

Representative buildings are the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower, the 88-storey Jinmao Tower, and Shanghai World Financial Center the tallest building in China. The Huangpu River waterfront Binjiang Avenue is 2.5 kilometers long, where tourists can look at the Western-style buildings on the Bund on the other side of river. It is the famous “night view” attraction in Shanghai.

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The Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower
Shanghai Natural Wild Insect Museum
Water-borne Tour on Huangpu River
Binjiang Avenue
The 88th sightseeing floor of Jinmao Tower
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium – the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel
the Bund (night sightseeing)
The sightseeing floor of Shanghai World Financial Center
Moon Ship
Shanghai Italy Center
World Expo Park

Pudong New Area has 310,000 sq m of indoor exhibition areas, more than 50 star hotels and professional teams attending trade fairs. For years, trade fairs held in Pudong are becoming bigger, more international and more professional. There are over 20 large trade fairs each occupying 100,000-plus square meters every year in Pudong. Eighty percent of trade fairs are international and focused on a specific industry. In 2013, a total of 211 trade fairs were successfully held in Pudong, 82% of them being international ones. Nearly 13,000 conferences were held, 2100 of them being international events. Supporting companies in advertisement, pubic relations, construction, logistics and consultation for trade fairs and conferences have settled here in Pudong. Large international trade fairs and conferences focusing on finance, marine transport, modern logistics and trade such as Mobile Asia Expo, World Retail Congress, IMF Conference and World Bank Conference have lifted Pudong to a level as headquarters for trade fair and conference.

Nowadays, Pudong is fine-tuning its Software, such as improvement of the Internet Service Platform for trade fairs, policy making for overall development of trade fairs, and facilitation of visa approval for trade fair incoming participants. Those measures aim at fostering more trade fairs in Pudong.

Pudong Tourism Bureau

The Tourism Bureau and the Commission of Commerce of Pudong share the same offices and are responsible for management and development of the tourism industry.

The Tourism Division, Pudong Commission of Commerce

Shanghai Pudong Commission of Commerce is one functional body under the Pudong New Area People’s Government; its Tourism Division as one of its subordinate offices, is responsible for the following:

I. Implementation of national, municipal policy, laws and regulations in regard to the tourism industry; design and implementation of tourism-related policy and normative documents that are practically suitable for Pudong.

II. Design and implementation of mid- and long-term tourism work plan of Pudong, based the national economic and social development overall planning of Pudong; guidance for and supervision over businesses and government-authorized businesses performed by tourism-related intermediary agencies.

III. Management, coordination and servicing in the tourism industry, and investment attraction for leading tourism companies in Pudong; collection and analysis of dynamic tourism-related information.

IV. Servicing, coordination and speedup of key tourism-related projects in Pudong; packaging and promotion of the unified tourism image of Pudong.

V. Organization, planning and coordination of major tourism-related festivals; integration and accumulation of tourism resources in Pudong.

VI. Guidance for newly built, renovated and expanded tourist-focused hotels in Pudong; approval and supervision of establishment of domestic travel agencies in Pudong.

VII. Coordination with the state and municipal departments in applying for a certified grade and qualification reviewing for tourism scenic spots (areas) ; decisive rating for 1-star and 2-star hotels; preliminary assessment fo 3-star or above hotels in Pudong.

Pudong Commission of Commerce (Pudong Tourism Administration)

Address: 2001 Century Avenue, Pudong

Tel: 8621-58788388 ext. Pudong Tourism Administration

Tourist and Trade Fairs Service Center

Address: The 4th Floor, 524 Gaoke West Road

Tel: 8621-20242830

Pudong Tourism Association

Address: Room 415, 524 Gaoke West Road

Tel: 8621-20242833

Travel complaint phone:8621-20242833 58788388-64212